Composite colour photograph of wood fungus and pine trees to create a new surreal landscape

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FOREST- wood wide web

Nicknamed by researchers the 'wood wide web' trees communicate with each other via fungal networks to combat threats. Using this underground network they share information and resources giving special attention to their offspring. In return the fungus is supplied nutrients.


Uncovering a pile of rotting pine planks I stumbled across myriads of intricate fronds of fungus that had weaved their way around the rotting wood. As each fungus laden layer was exposed diminutive forest were revealed.


By merging images of pine trees with the fungus I set about photographically exploring their relationship. The resemblances between the trees and their symbiotic partner re-imagined into surreal forest landscapes.


 A2- 420 × 594 mm  A3 - 297 × 420 mm   A4- 210 × 297 mm


HUGH BURDEN art photography limited edition prints

FOREST 01 -  2016

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photoshop layered images of wood fungus and pine trees

FOREST 02 - 2016

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alternative new woodland created from fungus and pine tree photographs

FOREST 03 - 2016

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Two sillouhetted leafless trees overlaid on a background of wood fungus and red wood planks

FOREST 04 - 2016

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plank of pine wood with white fungus as base for overlaid rush, water and boulder photograph

FOREST 05 - 2016

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FOREST P06 - 2018

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FOREST P07 - 2018

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FOREST P09- 2018

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FOREST P10- 2018

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