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A sandstone wall pitted and textured, a rock pool, a distant copse of trees all put together to form a new and surreal landscape 

Cliffs & islands

Surreal fabrications of isolation, storms and defence or exotic scenes from sea-faring fantasy adventures.


As a child I was fascinated by fantastic tales of adventure, treasure islands and mysterious foreign lands. This was the initial creative spirit behind the Island series. As the work progressed a contemporary dynamic presented itself and I became interested in exploring isolation and survival.


The grey rocks were photographed on the coast at Llantwit Major, Wales and the pink rocks at Sentier des Douaniers, France. Sea, sky, animals and grungy wall textures were added, overlaid and manipulated. With partial erasing and differing transparencies the layers of images were blended to complete the surreal sea-scapes.


A1- 594 × 841 mm   A2- 420 × 594 mm  A3 - 297 × 420 mm

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CLIFFS & ISLANDS 02 -  2017

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Looking like raging sea beneath a tropical cliff face is an illusion created from a rock, waves, sky and palm trees

CLIFFS & ISLANDS 03 -  2017

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Two remote grey rocks from which one pine tree grows sit in a lonely ocean against a cloudy backdrop. the colours are muted grey greens

CLIFFS & ISLANDS 04 -  2017

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One remote grey rock from which one pine tree grows sit amongs waves set against a cloudy backdrop; the colours are muted grey greens

CLIFFS & ISLANDS 05 -  2017

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A pinkish rock on which stands a derelict building and an antelope in a remote seascape

CLIFFS & ISLANDS 06 -  2017

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A pinkish rock surrounded by ocean where a parrot perches on a concrete bench. Overhead a bird of prey passes- a surreal seascape created.

CLIFFS & ISLANDS 07 -  2017

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A single mongoose looks out from a rock outcrop in the sea. A surreal composite of sky, rock and ocean in muted tones of green grey

CLIFFS & ISLANDS 08 -  2017

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