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Following a successful advertising photography career I now direct my energy to constructing surreal photographic imaginations. The process involves the manipulation and merging of many photographs to expose an alternative reality.

My aesthetic references cultural and ecological themes or I am simply compelled to explore narratives or scenes suggested by observed textures. This a trick of the eye called pareidolia; the human tendency to seek patterns in random information.

Both approaches result in images that belie the origins of the final conception.

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All images from the portfolio are available to collect as limited edition prints for your home, your office or give as a beautiful unique gift.

The images are superbly printed on museum archival quality paper in limited editions of 50 or 25. They are signed, rolled in tissue paper and sent in a sturdy cardboard tube with a certificate of authenticity. At the moment we only deliver to UK and Europe, other destinations by request. We are so confident in the quality and beauty of our edition prints you have 14 days to return them - no questions asked.

For more information, commissions, collaborations, exhibitions, talks or to request a newsletter simply mail: hugh@hughburdenart.co.uk he will be delighted to hear from you.

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Four Collections

"I notice images and landscapes on walls and buildings;
suggestions of stories to be deciphered. It is like
interpreting fluffy clouds as people and things."

Landscape Collection

concrete, stone, block

Wonderful original landscapes present themselves residing on buildings and walls. Like mixed media artworks the landscapes have been created with mosses, lichens, stains, scars and crumblings in rock, brick and stone. After carefully photographing these little masterpieces of nature I add further elements to tease out my own version; a collaboration between man and nature.

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Landscape- Concrete 2020
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Landscape- Stone 2021
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Landscape- Render 2020
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Landscape- Rooted 2021
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Landscape- Footprint 2021
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Landscape- Providence 2021
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Walls Collection


THE INSPIRATION: Discovered distressed walls, stained and marked in ways that suggest landscapes and scenes. THE PALLETE: The textures and colours, cracks and crumblings, stains and peelings, moss and grime of the walls. The final scenes engineered by adding and overlaying images to fulfil the narrative.

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Walls- Canyon 2020
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Walls- Fossil Canyon 2020
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Walls- Oyster Boat 2020
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Walls- Castle Hunt 2020
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Walls- King 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia

the writing is on the wall

Pareidolia is the mind responding to patterns and interpreting them as familiar things. Each wall I photograph is being reclaimed by the organisms growing there, the patterns they form suggesting their own landscape. To the wall photographs multiple images are overlaid, manipulated and blended.

The constructs represent an aesthetic vocabulary referencing humankind's disregard for our planet. My intention is to create landscapes that belie their true origin while testifying to and illustrating the environmental issues we face. The writing is on the wall.

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Walls of Pareidolia 01 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 02 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 03 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 04 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 05 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 06 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 07 2020
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Walls of Pareidolia 08 2020
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Lake Collection

The watery worlds of lichen

I was intrigued by some concrete walls contoured with mould and populated with lichen characterising underwater scenes etched into the masonry. I played with the notion by juxtaposing pond water, reeds and fish over the lichen covered stone canvas to re-create the original imagined scenes.

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Lake 01 2020
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Lake 02 2020
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Lake 03 2020
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Cliffs & Islands

weathering the storm.

The initial idea behind the Island Series was to create and explore narratives with a seafaring theme. As the project progressed it soon became apparent to be a metaphor for the contemporary political situation in the UK. The isolation of the islands, the rain and dampness permeating sets the scene for potential hostilities which may or may not be a foreboding.

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Cliffs & Islands- Brexit 04 2018
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Cliffs & Islands- Brexit 05 2018
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Cliffs & Islands- Brexit 06 2018
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Cliffs & Islands- Brexit 07 2018
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Cliffs & Islands- Brexit 08 2018
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Cliffs & Islands- Message
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Universe Collection

Big Bang Theory

I came across this location in Llantwit Major, South Wales, with billions of Jurassic boulders. It was obvious there were photographs to be made here; but how eluded me for a while. I sat for a couple of hours contemplating the millions of grey scattered boulders. The light changed, the tide receded, people came and went but the rocks were silent; I could not see the photograph.

About to concede, my own big bang theory evolved. It occured to me that the rocks, seemingly infinite and randomly dispersed, had an affinity with the Universe. So, with a little intervention and a further trip to photograph the 3000 million year old pink rocks of Perros-Guirec, Brittany these divergent cosmic worlds were made.

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Universe 01 2017
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Universe 02 2017
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Universe 03 2017
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Universe 04 2017
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Universe 05 2017
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Universe 06 2017
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Forest Collection

wood wide web

Nicknamed by researchers as the 'wood wide web', trees communicate with each other via fungal networks to combat threats. Using this underground network they share information and resources giving special attention to their offspring. In return the fungus is supplied nutrients.

Uncovering a pile of damp rotting pine planks I stumbled across myriads of intricate fronds of fungus that had weaved their way around the rotting wood. As each fungus laden layer was exposed diminutive forests were revealed. By merging images of pine trees with the fungus I set about photographically exploring their relationship. The resemblances between the trees and their symbiotic partner re-imagined into surreal forest landscapes.

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Forest 01 2017
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Forest 02 2017
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Forest 03 2017
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Forest 04 2017
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Forest 06P 2017
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Forest 07P 2017
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Forest 09P 2017
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Rock Pebble Sand

Montalivet, France

The long golden sand beach at Montalivet, France had a section where decayed and compressed black forest matter was released from the Dunes in rivulets. It was here I photographed 'The Wizard', the first photograph in this series, he waved his arms wildly creating spells and unknown havoc. His visage and other magical creations were made by the black grains released from and distributed by streams etching shapes and river deltas across the golden sand.

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Rock Pebble Sand 01 2017 (The Wizard)
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Rock Pebble Sand 02 2017
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Rock Pebble Sand 03 2017
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Rock Pebble Sand 04 2017
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Rock Pebble Sand 05 2017
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Everything's A Story 3

THE BOOK- 66 pages with 76 photographs

'Everythings a Story' book contained in black presentaion box on a coffee table
Section title double page spread of 'Everythings a Story' book on a coffee table
Double page spread of 'Everythings a Story' book on a coffee table

The full colour coffee table book features most of the images seen here. It is 38 x 29 cms and beautifully printed on 300 gm lustre photographic paper giving the look and feel of genuine old school 'wet prints'. The covers are hardback and the lay flat binding allows a clear view of each page edge to edge. Everything's A Story 3 is in a limited edition book of 25 and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. An elegantly simple presentation box is availble made of 2mm thick board covered with black linen fabric, it has a dual magnet closure and a red ribbon open tab. Unfortunately presentation boxes are only available in the UK


2017 Solo show, The Bocabar, Bristol
2018 Art Trail Solo show at Studio, Bristol
2018 Solo Show, Guildhall Chambers, Bristol
2019 Joint Show, Leigh Court, Bristol
2019 Joint Show, Art Trail, St Monicas, Bristol
2019 Open Exhibition, Royal West Academy
2021 Open Exhibition, Royal West Academy


Bath, Bordeaux, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Hastings, London,
Maidenhead, Paris, Scunthorpe, Sydney.

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Prints sizes range from A1 (84.1 x 59.4 cm), A2 (59.4 x 42cm), A3 (42x 29.7 cm) and A4 (29.7 X 21 cm) in limited editions of 50 and/or 25 as stated. There may be up to two AP's (Artist Pass prints). The photographs are ready for framing, signed with year and edition number, rolled in tissue paper and sent in a sturdy cardboard tube with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Platinum Baryta 300 is a 100% acid free Fine Art paper with a smooth unglazed gloss surface. It was chosen for it's natural white base and state of the art micro-porous ink receiving layer that delivers a high D-MAX (2.7) and wide colour gamut. These properties reveal delicate highlights and smooth transitions to shadows. The paper is approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild and when used with the pigment ink set a print life of much more than 85 years is assured. This combination of printer, ink set and paper originates extremely beautiful photographic prints similar in style and feel to 'old school' wet prints.

Please Note: the surface of fine art prints are delicate and can mark with fingerprints, liquids and abrasions; utmost care should be taken when handling them prior to mounting and framing. We reserve to right to change paper without prior notice to a similar specification of paper.

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For more information, commission enquiries, collaborations, exhibitions, talks or to request a newsletter simply mail: hugh@hughburdenart.co.uk

Explore Hugh's 'People & Portraits' photography website with some experimental short films: People & Portraits

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