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    My photography career spans more than three decades. Over this period and at different times I have specialised in several genres of photography, chronologically: Medical and Biological Illustrator,  Advertising Food & Still Life Photographer, Room-Set, People, Interiors and Environments Photographer.


   Many of the great and good photographers when asked what to express and share through ones personal work often advise:  '...go with your passion, make photographs of what interests you.'


   Working in the commercial environment with products, advertising concepts, clients and deadlines demands a certain discipline. This very discipline which contributed to a successful commercial career was also responsible for clouding my personal vision for many years. Recently this cloud cleared, serendipitously the interest, passion and direction found me -  in a pile of rotting wood planks. Rotten planks and fungus were the catalyst to create the FOREST series of reconstructed landscapes (see 'The Process' below). These images and the others that followed are interpretations through a lens of pareidolia. (the seeing of objects or patterns in otherwise unrelated objects or patterns.)


   As time passes I can see my images also reflect, in some part, influences of the great masters of art and photography but mostly they reflect the imagination of my childhood.  Of adventures in real life and those bound in books.  My reading took me on adventures with buried treasure, sea and air escapades, ripping yarns  - the pages were doors to adventure and excitement. My racing bike took me to the countryside, woodland, building sites, lakes, many wonderful serendiptous adventures. Making photographs with a whimsical narrative unleashes a creative 'force majeure' the seed of which was undoubtedly and subliminally sown all those years ago.



   The inspiration, and starting point to make a photograph can be quite unexpected. As an example the FOREST series came to be after finding some wood cladding that was left in a garden covered and damp for several years.

    Intricate and beautiful fronds of fungus had weaved around the planks. I felt I was looking into mythical forest landscapes. Whilst de-constructing the pile to photograph each layer, evermore enigmatic forests appeared.

    Although the fungus was beautiful in it's own right I wanted to explore the landscapes my imagination had created. A  few days shooting in pine woods seeking out perfect foils for the fungus and a week in Photoshop finally brought to life the fantastical forests I had explored.



   Original photographs are captured using Nikon cameras and lenses with the occasional photograph by way of an i phone. Most often between 2 and 5 photographs are used in the constructs. The photographs are overlaid and manipulated using Lightroom and Photoshop. Some parts may be erased others opaque. These manipulations are achieved using a pen and digitiser tablet with a powerful laptop and Eizo callibrated monitor .



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